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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Statement on Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe the more diverse voices we have at Neurocrine Biosciences, the better we can work to fulfill our vision of delivering life-changing treatments to people with serious, under-addressed disorders. With a culture that emphasizes collaboration and innovation as core values, we thrive as a company when we embrace unique ideas and a range of perspectives. We know that diverse teams acting inclusively produce the meaningful advances to meet our patients’ needs and elevate the communities we serve.

“At Neurocrine Biosciences, we are committed to providing a strong, inclusive, and positive work environment. We are proud of the progress we are making and recognize that more can and must be done. What we have accomplished to date is only a starting point. We remain focused on promoting acceptance, respect, and tolerance within all initiatives we undertake to create a sense of belonging for all our current and future employees and for the patients who are at the heart of what we do.”

- Carol Guerrero, Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Leadership Taking Responsibility

Commitment to DE&I starts from the top, with the Board, where three out of nine members are women, and one is from an underrepresented racial and ethnic group. As a signatory of Biocom California’s DE&I Member Pledge, we have committed to taking action to accelerate diversity, equity, and inclusion in life sciences. We also have an executive in a full-time role dedicated to accelerating our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Participation Throughout Our Organization

Neurocrine Biosciences supports innovation, encourages collaboration, and is dedicated to the continued growth and development of all our employees. Employees are encouraged to participate in our Neurocrine Nexus program, which includes committees that focus on company events and culture, career development, volunteer opportunities, wellness programs, and more.

Learning Together & From Each Other

Neurocrine Biosciences engages all employees, including the CEO and Management Committee, in Unconscious Bias Training. Our sustained efforts to foster a community of listening, learning, and meaningful action among employees include a DE&I library of resources, external guest speakers, and communications and events in recognition of important observances such as Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, Pride Month, and Juneteenth.


“I was very fortunate to have served 30 years in the US Air Force Reserve with individuals from all over the United States, as well as the world. You quickly learn that your way of seeing a problem or dealing with a situation is based only on your life experiences. Surrounding yourself with those who have different life experiences truly broadens the options and allows for much better solutions. Working here at Neurocrine Biosciences I’ve seen the strides and efforts the company has made to bring in those different and diverse backgrounds and experiences for a more inclusive culture.”

- Denis Heinz, NeuroPsych Account Specialist

“As I continue to expand my knowledge and gain experience in this industry, my manager and colleagues never fail to include me in meetings or discussions where I may gain insight and further my learning, but also giving me the opportunity to present and employ my own ideas. There is a very admirable and inclusive mentorship approach that makes the workplace feel less like work and feel more like community.”

- Lannee Nguyen, Sr. Specialist, Clinical Trials

“Neurocrine Biosciences has created an inclusive culture that empowers employees to work with leadership to take action that is meaningful and relevant to the respective communities. It made me feel incredible that leadership took the time to sit down and discuss my thoughts, it makes me feel worthy to be heard and that the company is going to take action steps to ensure we have created an inclusive and diverse workplace — a diverse workplace makes for a better workplace.”

- Danielle Wiley, Sr. Medical Science Liaison

Supporting the Communities that Sustain Us

Through both financial support and personal involvement, Neurocrine Biosciences and our people are proud to partner with the following organizations.

Biocom Institute’s Military Fellowship Program
Biocom Institute’s Military Fellowship Program

is an introductory career exploration opportunity for transitioning military and veterans to explore opportunities in Life Sciences.

California Life Sciences Association’s Racial and Social Equity Initiative
California Life Sciences Association’s Racial and Social Equity Initiative

focuses on the most critical need to address the inequality for Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Pacific Islander populations in California.

Ocean Discovery Institute
Ocean Discovery Institute

uses ocean science to empower young people from underserved urban communities of color to transform their lives, their community, and our world as science and conservation leaders.

San Diego Squared
San Diego Squared

connects underrepresented students to the power of STEM by providing access to education, mentorship and resources they need to lead the talent pipeline.

Texas Southern University
Texas Southern University

is heralded as a pioneer and has distinguished itself by producing a significant number of African American students who have obtained post-secondary and advanced degrees. Although initially established to educate African Americans, Texas Southern University has become one of the most diverse institutions in Texas.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our ESG programs are aligned to our purpose, which we fulfill through effective management of critical environmental, social, and governance principles that are fundamental to our business.

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Leadership Team

Our mission to relieve patient suffering begins with our leadership team. They lead our effort to relentlessly pursue medicines to ease the burden of debilitating diseases and disorders.

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