Scientist (Discovery Analytical)

Key Responsibilities:

Development of chiral and achiral methodologies to purify small molecules using mass-directed HPLC and SFC technology.
Troubleshoot and maintain modern analytical and preparative instrumentation including hardware and software.
Collaborate with medicinal chemists to deliver the analytical solutions they require.
Analyze and interpret chromatographic data and reach conclusions independently.
Perform analytical and liquid handling tasks to purify, analyze, and format final compounds into formats ready for in-vitro biological assays.


Requires a BS with 4+ years industry experience or equivalent
Experience with normal and reverse phase HPLC, SFC, UV, mass spectrometry, and other analytical detection techniques
Ability to think critically when faced with a wide range of scientific problems
Experience with liquid handling, robotics, and automation
Experience in data analysis, common productivity software, and database management
Experience with Chromeleon software is a plus
Strong communication skills

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