Scientist – In Vitro Biology

This individual will be an integral member of the pharmacology team supporting multiple new target screening and lead optimization campaigns.  This position is collaborative and dynamic, will require work on a broad range of assay technologies/platforms, and use of a wide variety of automated equipment. The work will be fast paced and process oriented in an environment which is predicated upon continuous improvement where everyone is encouraged, and expected, to contribute to improving department efficiency.


Requires MS or PhD with 4+ years industry experience with development, execution, optimization of in vitro biological assays using modern automation and informatics technology.  Familiarity with automated liquid handling and detection instrumentation is required.  The position will require regular protocol writing/editing for automated equipment, cross training and training of others on methods.  Comfort with data analysis and informatics systems is a must.  Experience with cell culture and cell based in vitro assays is required. The candidate must possess excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

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