Scientist, Research – Laboratory Automation


We are seeking a motivated, creative, and innovative Scientist with proven expertise in modern liquid handling, robotics, automation, and informatics systems supporting biology research. The ideal candidate must possess the ability to interact and coordinate with a team of scientists to implement and optimize novel technologies creating the backbone of our drug discovery research group. The ideal scientist will have a proven track record of high quality and innovative accomplishments, a thorough understanding of how technology can be used to continuously optimize the drug discovery process.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Research, evaluate, propose, implement, and continuously optimize modern automation and technology to improve compound management, discovery biology, and pharmacology
  • Work closely with project teams to identify deficiencies and introduce mechanisms to increase project results, primarily focusing on ways to increase volume or decrease attrition with drug discovery
  • Identify new opportunities and adaptations of existing technology
  • In-House expert in all liquid handling systems, train users to their maximum capacity, provide solutions for any needs outside of research scientist capabilities
  • Perform routine maintenance and quality control of compound management and biology related automation systems


  • Ph.D + 2 years or MS/BS + 5 years of experience installing, configuring, programming, and maintaining automation and/or liquid handling systems in a field of biology


  • Demonstrated strong scientific and technical skills in the evaluation and implementation of automation systems and technology in drug discovery.
  • Proven ability to critically analyze and interpret data, and effectively document and communicate results to diverse audiences
  • Effective communication skills, both verbal and written

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